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October 20, 2005:
Are Natural Gas Logs on the Way Out? According to Carl P. Herkes of Glass Flames, the answer is "Yes". If you want to know why, read on.



No soot or dirt
Easy installation
Clean and safe
No popping
No mess, ever
More heat
Less gas
Many colors
Lasts a lifetime
No pollution


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(Nov 28, 2005)

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Easy Installation Checklist

Listed below is a checklist to help you prepare to install Aquatic Glassel in your fireplace. This will help you get organized so you can streamline your installation, making the job go quickly and avoiding extra trips to your hardware store, etc.

So - You definitely do NOT want to do the installation yourself? And we do not yet have an installer in your area? Not a problem. Simply download the fireplace or fire pit installation manual found Here. Then show it to your local Chimney Sweep Professional, General Contractor, Plumber or Handyman. If they have any questions at all, have them give us a call.

Step 1 - Materials to purchase from Exotic Flames

Step 2 - Materials to purchase from your local hardware store

Step 3 - Tools and materials to have on hand

Please download and print the installation manual to refer to for your installation. You will find it very detailed and useful to help you succeed in your installation. You can download it Here.