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October 20, 2005:
Are Natural Gas Logs on the Way Out? According to Carl P. Herkes of Glass Flames, the answer is "Yes". If you want to know why, read on.



No soot or dirt
Easy installation
Clean and safe
No popping
No mess, ever
More heat
Less gas
Many colors
Lasts a lifetime
No pollution


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(Nov 28, 2005)

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About Us

When I learned that a product was on the market that could transform my boring fireplace into something fresh and exciting, I began searching the web to find the product at a reasonable price.

I obtained quotes from a couple companies in the price range of $700 to $900.  Then I discovered Aquatic Glassel.  The product was top quality and the price was significantly less than the competition.  I wound up spending $270 which included a new double burner.  I was so impressed by this that I decided to start this business Glass Flames - A Division of Exotic Flames.

My goal is to become the largest distributor of Aquatic Glassel products in the nation.  I am able to offer lower prices than you would get from the manufacturer.  Premier customer service along with a high quality product at rock-bottom prices are the key ingredients for the success of any retail business. wants to earn your business by adhering to these fundamental beliefs.  We want to save you money by selling you the least amount of Aquatic Glassel product to serve your needs, while holding our prices lower than anyone else's.  That statement really says it all.  In addition, we don't inflate our shipping charges like many businesses.

Once you install Aquatic Glassel in your own fireplace or fire pit, we are sure you will be so delighted that you will tell your family and friends about it.  The clean, exotic look and the amount of heat it throws will impress everyone who sees it.  I can honestly say that I used to light my fake log set about a dozen times a year.  Ever since I purchased Aquatic Glassel, I have used my fireplace almost every single chilly night because now I can finally heat the room with it.

We can be reached via e-mail at

Our Internet store is always open.  Phone support is reserved for those that have already purchased from us, or those that have complex questions where it is not practical to communicate the bulk of it via email. Even if you feel your questions are complex, please begin by emailing your inquiry.

Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 4:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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Carl P Herkes - Owner